Meet the Musicians: Morgan Buckley

Introducing Morgan Buckley, one of the rising stars in the world of the classical guitar. Already qualified up to the hilt with degrees from from DIT Conservatory and the Royal College of Music, and a fellowship from Trinity College, London, Morgan is currently breaking new ground investigating the relationship between composers and performers for his PhD at Cambridge.

What do you love about the piece you’re playing? What makes it stand out?

Capriccio Arabe is a work written in recognition of the folk origins of the guitar’s Moorish past. I love performing the piece not only because it is one of the most seminal works in the instrument’s romantic repertoire, but also because of the beauty of its simple serenading melody.

Is there a particular moment we should be listening out for?

Listen out for the organic blend of Arabic and Spanish styles.

If you could speak to one composer, who would it be and what would you ask them?

If I could speak to any composer it would have to be Francisco Tárrega. Known as the father of modern guitar technique, Tárrega performed his music mostly at parties and was supposed to have devised exercises for the left hand alone so that he could ‘drink wine and smoke cigarillos’.

To hear Morgan play this Saturday 12th December, click below:


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