Introducing the Help Centre

How do I make an Encore page for my group? When do I hear back from a client? What is the capital of Turkmenistan?* If you’ve got a question, the new Encore Help Centre will have the answer.

The Help Centre combines our old live chat and FAQs page into a super-charged problem-solving tool. To open help, simply click the green chat icon in the bottom left corner of your screen and enter your question:

We’ll then present you with a number of articles from the Help Centre which might answer your question. If none of them fit the bill, simply enter your email address and you’ll be connected with a member of our support team who’ll be able to answer any question you might have:

(Apologies for the giant mouse pointer, we don’t know why it happened either).

If you’d just like to browse our database of help articles, simply head to or click the “Help centre” link in the site footer:

From here you’ll be able to search our database using the search box:

That’s just about all for now – if you have any questions, you know where to go!

*N.B. The Encore Help Centre Geography expansion pack is still in beta. (It’s Ashgabat for those who’re interested).

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